Energise your school's playtime with JAG’s Active Playgrounds

JAG’s Active Playgrounds programme is about helping schools inject energy and movement into their playgrounds in an inclusive, exciting way. Designed to assist schools in providing safe, structured, fun activities during playtimes, it’s perfect for any school or school staff looking for support with playground activation within the school setting.

What is Active Playgrounds?

The Active Playgrounds programme is an interactive, practical workshop that gives schools and school staff the skills and confidence to create and lead fun, inclusive, varied physical activities in the playground. We teach you how to activate the playground during playtime and lunchtime, engaging every child in physical activity to help them achieve the recommended 30 minutes a day – all while reducing incidents and accidents.

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What are the benefits of our Active Playgrounds?

Our inclusive school services aim to engage each and every child in physical activity on a daily basis, introducing them to new and exciting games through active opportunities during playtimes throughout the school day.

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    Increase opportunities for children to be active by 300+ minutes a week

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    Provide an engaging environment that's inclusive for all children

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    Are split into zones, with different intensity activities for a range of interests and abilities

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    See a 75% reduction in playtime incidents and accidents

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    Lead to higher concentration levels among children after playtimes

Want to get your children up and moving at playtime?

The Active Playgrounds Programme has provided a significant improvement in lunchtime behaviour and increase in activity participation.



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