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Making payments manageable

We understand that affordability is important for families, so our flexible payment options offer several ways to make payments manageable. From our handy instalment plans to supporting eligibility to access funding schemes, we strive to make our active childcare services available to every child. Details of our various payment options are below!

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Childcare support & funding

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers are a popular and viable payment method; we work with all registered childcare voucher providers, allowing families to book JAG clubs and activities using their voucher of choice for either full or part payments. If you book early and your provider can accommodate it, our flexible payment plans even allow you to pay via monthly childcare voucher instalments, helping you spread the cost. 

You’ll find a full list of providers we work with below and their unique reference numbers (URN), which you should use when booking. If there isn’t a URN, please use your chosen venue’s Ofsted registration number or postcode instead – you can find this through our Find Us page – or our head office postcode (RG41 2AD). Alternatively, if your venue doesn’t currently have a URN and the Ofsted registration is in process, please contact us so we can support you further.

A couple of other things to make sure your booking goes through smoothly: if you’re making a booking that spans multiple dates, please enter the full amount you’ll be paying across the whole booking. If you need to top up your vouchers, you can either make a one-off card payment or pay by card instalments.

Please ensure your childcare voucher/TFC payment is sent to us at least 5 working days before your payment due date to prevent any unnecessary overdue balance on your JAG account. 

Following the completion of this process, kindly allow up to 7 working days from the date of payment initiation for it to reflect in your JAG account. 

Childcare voucher providers

Tax-free childcare – HMRC

Junior Adventures Group is Ofsted-registered, which means we can accept tax-free childcare. For every £8 you pay into this scheme, the government tops up your account with a further £2, which you can use to pay for childcare. So, for example, if you deposit £80, the government will contribute £20, giving you a total of £100 to spend on childcare. You can find out more about the scheme and your eligibility here – - but the great news is that around 99% of families are eligible. 

To book through Tax-Free Childcare, please use your venue's name, Ofsted registration number or postcode, which can be found here, and your child's TFC number, which is formatted as the first initial of your child's forename, followed by the first three letters of their surname, five digits and then the letters TFC (for example, John Smith's TFC number would be: JSMI12345TFC). After submitting a booking, please search 'Junior Adventures Group UK' to make your payment. If you are unable to find your chosen venue, please make payment to any 'Junior Adventures Group UK' accounts, as all payments will come directly to JAG. If you have any issues then please contact us.

If you’re going to take advantage of this scheme to pay for JAG clubs and activities, please just drop us a quick email first to give us your reference number so that we can link the payments to your account.

email us

Student finance childcare grant

Are you a full-time student who’s currently studying for an undergraduate degree,  Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course or Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)?

If your answer is ‘yes’, we have great news for you: you’re eligible for a childcare grant for the academic year. 

We encourage you to explore the possibility of Student Finance by contacting your college/university or reaching out to CCG via email at or a call to 08004880961. Once your eligibility for the grant is confirmed, please inform our Customer Experience Team at

Find out more and apply for your childcare grant here:

You could be eligible for:

A maximum of £183.75 a week for one child, or up to 85% of their costs (whichever is less)
A maximum of £315.03 a week for two or more children, or up to 85% of their costs (whichever is less)

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a government-funded scheme to help with your living costs, including childcare. You may be able to claim it if you’re on a low income, out of work, or cannot work. Check your eligibility and find out more here:

If you're looking to claim Universal Credit, we require an upfront booking and payment on your JAG account. You can obtain a 'tax letter' for proof of payment by emailing our Customer Experience Team.

Upon receiving the tax letter, promptly upload it to your Universal Credit journal. If eligible for reimbursement, the Universal Credit team will process the claim accordingly.

email us

School support packages

At Junior Adventures Group, we’re passionate about ensuring our fun and active childcare services are available to every child.

Find out more today by emailing us.

We offer support for disadvantaged children and work with families in a number of ways:

Regular support for host school children
Funded sessions (we can invoice schools, colleges, councils and companies rather than parents for sessions)
1 x free space per session for disadvantaged children (up to 3 weeks)
Same day crisis care for host school children
email us

The MOD's Wraparound Childcare (WAC) Scheme

Are you a Service personnel member looking for support with your childcare costs? The MOD's Wraparound Childcare (WAC) scheme provides funding for children aged 4-11, covering up to 20 hours per week of wraparound childcare during term time. Junior Adventures Group (JAG) accepts payments through the WAC scheme. This benefit is available to all our military families, ensuring your children receive high-quality care and enriching experiences at any JAG location. The allowance can be used with any Ofsted-approved (or equivalent) childcare provider who accepts Tax-Free Childcare payments. While the WAC allowance is considered a taxable benefit by HMRC, the scheme takes care of the additional tax and National Insurance liabilities by grossing up the payments, ensuring you receive the full benefit without extra financial burden. Visit for more information.

To get started: 

  1. Create an account and book with JAG via our online system here

  2. Select your dates required for the month and choose your payment method as Tax-Free Childcare. 

  3. Confirm your bookings to generate your invoice for reimbursement. This will be sent directly to your primary contact email address. 

  4. Record each child on JPA here

  5. Check your eligibility and decide between a Tax-Free Childcare account or salary sacrifice childcare vouchers, using tools like the GOV.UK childcare calculator.

  6. Apply for a TFC account for each child and wait for activation. 

  7. Register each child using the registration form on the Defence Intranet or Defence Connect.

  8. Claim your WAC funding by paying for childcare from your TFC account and submitting your JAG invoice to claim through the WAC claims calculator on the Defence Intranet or Defence Connect. 

Be sure to consider any potential impacts on your tax and benefits position. For comprehensive details, visit Discover my Benefits – wraparound childcare

Take advantage of the WAC scheme today at Junior Adventures Group and ease the cost of childcare! 

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HAF scheme - Holiday Clubs

JAG is proud to support a large number of local authority partners in delivering the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme during school holidays. HAF provides funding to local authorities and childcare providers – such as JAG – so that local families in need of additional support can book their children into out-of-school activities.

You can search for local JAG holiday clubs that support HAF-funded places here.

Find a JAG venue near you

With 160+ venues across England, JAG has national reach. But our focus is always local, providing the best possible support for your child’s school, community, and of course your family. Most of our breakfast and after-school clubs are for pupils of the host school, but our holiday clubs – held in venues from schools to leisure centres – are open to all children. To search for your child’s school or to find your closest JAG venue, please click the button below.

Payment Plans

We understand that working families require a regular spot at our clubs, giving them peace of mind that everything is organised and their child(ren) will be looked after throughout extended school hours up until 6pm. Whether you’re booking onto our breakfast, after-school or holiday clubs, we therefore offer an instalment plan option that allows you to secure your child(ren)’s regular, long-term spot while spreading the cost of termly– or even yearly – bookings over monthly instalments. 

With benefits including those below, it’s little surprise that 60% of our families take advantage of our instalment plans.

  • Tick

    Secure your child’s spot for the entire term without paying the full fee

  • Tick

    Secure your child’s regular booking in advance

  • Tick

    Spread the cost of a termly booking over flexible monthly instalments

  • Tick

    Choose a monthly payment date that suits you

  • Tick

    Eligible for bookings made two months or more in advance

Minimum deposit plan

If you’re booking ahead – for the new academic year, say, or the next holiday – why not take advantage of our minimum deposit plan? For bookings made at least three months in advance, you can secure your child’s spot by paying just £1. As an example, pay £1 in June, and you can book your child’s JAG clubs for the next academic year – starting September – with your first instalment not due until August.

Missed payments or failed instalments

To pay for a booking, simply…

  • Tick

    Log on to your online account

  • Tick

    Click ‘My Bookings’

  • Tick

    Tick the small box just to the right of the booking

  • Tick

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page

  • Tick

    Click ‘Pay’ and enter your payment details

New to JAG?

Our passionate team of DBS-checked, professionally trained staff are ready to welcome your child and immerse them in our exciting world of fun new opportunities. But it’s hugely important that you also feel supported by us from the word go, so we’ve collated a wealth of information to help you get started, from making your first booking to everything you can expect on your first day at one of our clubs.

Promotions & discounts

  • Sibling discount

    Did you know we automatically apply a 5% discount to all breakfast and after-school club bookings that include two or more siblings? The 5% comes off is automatically applied at the checkout stage once you’ve confirmed your booking, and we’ll show you the discounted total compared to the full price so you can see how much you’re saving!

    Term time clubs
  • Taster days for breakfast & after-school clubs

    Whenever we launch a new JAG breakfast or after-school club, during the first term we offer all families a chance to try the new service for free. To claim your free session, just complete your JAG account registration and book using the promotional code the host school gives you; you’ll need to use this code at checkout. If you haven’t received a code for a newly-launched club, please let us know!

    Register now
  • Early bird booking - holiday clubs

    Our early bird promotions and discounts reward families that secure their holiday club spots early: book at least three weeks in advance and claim 10% off any school holiday booking! To keep up-to-date with our latest offers, exclusive announcements and countdowns, please sign up for our newsletter!

    Holiday clubs
  • Weekly booking discounts - holiday clubs

    With no two days of our holiday clubs ever the same, you won’t want your child to miss a moment of the action! That’s why we offer a 4% daily discount when you book for a full week (Mon-Fri). The 4% discount is automatically applied at checkout, unlocking our most competitive prices for you – and unlocking unforgettable holiday memories for your child.

    Find your nearest venue

Cancellation, refunds & rescheduling

We’re flexible around you. Do you need to change or cancel your booking? No problem – we know life can be unpredictable at times! Provided you give at least 72 hours’ notice, our flexible system allows you to do exactly that with zero hassles. Simply log on to your online account and either reschedule your booking or claim a full credit refund. 

Questions? We're here to help.

  • Yes! Part-payments using childcare vouchers/tax-free childcare can be topped up with credit/debit card payments to secure your child’s spot at our club. Simply select to pay via childcare vouchers/tax-free childcare in your online JAG account, then contact our friendly Junior Adventures Group customer care team who can assist with splitting payments.

Get in touch

If you need more support or have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly bookings team. We’re a phone call away and we’d love to hear from you!

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