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JAG has been delivering its PE and school sports programmes for over 30 years, supporting school staff in developing fully-inclusive PE programmes that ensure all children achieve the recommended two hours of physical education each week.

The benefits of outsourcing your PE

If you’re looking to outsource the provision of PE at your school, look no further! JAG’s fully-qualified children's activity professionals are available to run engaging, inclusive PE sessions at your school, with all classes designed and delivered in line with the national curriculum.

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Partner with us

When partnering with JAG, you can be sure your children are in safe hands. Drawing on extensive global experience that we translate into wonderfully local programmes – all centred around our Whole of Child promise – we deliver the best possible support to schools, families and children.

Benefits of JAG’s expert PE support include:

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    Active PE programme ensures all children achieve the recommended two hours’ activity a day

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    Fun, inclusive, structured PE lessons engage all children and inspire a healthy lifestyle

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    Adapted sessions are bespoke to your school and your pupils’ needs

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    Full assessment and attainment targets for all children

We’re here to support your staff, too

Our active services also include training and mentoring for your current teachers and/or PPA cover. Sign up to JAG’s training service and our children’s activity professionals will work alongside your PE subject leader and senior leadership team to support/deliver, monitor, implement and drive Active PE.

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    Lesson plans, core tasks and assessments to support full PE curriculum delivery

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    Engagement strategies

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    Structured lunchtime provision

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    School leagues, challenges, competitions and legacy days that encourage pupil participation

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    Gifted and Talented Child support

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    Advisory services and recommendations on safe practice and school sport guidelines

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    Evaluation criteria and reporting

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    Quality Assurances

Creating brighter futures – together

We’re proud to work with all our partners who support our commitment to developing children and creating a brighter future for each and every one of them. Check out our community impact by viewing our list of partners across the UK.

We’re making a difference at schools across the UK

JAG provide PE sessions that are invigorating, active and embed healthy living into our school community. They have supported and guided us most recently in our funding application from "Sports England - Primary Spaces" application and we have been successful. The pupils will now have a creative and stimulating playground environment to develop their physical abilities, improving their health and well being.

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