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We promise a summer filled with laughter, learning, and lots of fun! With themed weeks aligning with our core multi-activity programme and weekly special events (please note that special event days incur additional costs), children won't want to miss out on making unforgettable memories. Don't hesitate to book your child's space today!

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    Perfect for children aged 4-11

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    Stay active and boost wellbeing

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    Activities focused on child skills/development

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    Weekly special events!*

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Our multi-activity programming ensures no day is ever the same!

Our multi-activity programmes prepare children for the future, nurturing vital life skills in each and every one of them in a way that taps into their unique skills and interests. But just as importantly, we know our activities have to engage children right here, right now!

School holidays with JAG!

What's on?

All JAG holiday programmes are built on our holistic child philosophy, fostering creativity, learning, inclusion, participation, wellbeing, and happiness, ensuring that children's time with us is always a highlight. These programmes build confidence, nurture creativity, and keep young minds active during school breaks. Best of all, they're incredibly fun, leaving children with memories and experiences that shape their growth and development.

We offer a variety of activities that ensure every day is unique and exciting. This summer, children can take part in themed weeks which align with our seven activity categories as well as special events.

Take a look below at what's on offer...

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  • Super Sports

    Super Sports: Action-packed multi-sports sessions

  • Power Teams

    Power Teams: Fun, movement-based activities and challenges

  • Global Kids

    Global Kids: A chance to practise life skills through a range of engaging learning experiences

  • Zen Masters

    Wellbeing Warriors: Activities that promote physical, emotional and personal wellbeing and happiness

  • Creative Inventors

    Creative Inventors: Exciting opportunities for children to express themselves creatively

  • Brain Boosters

    Brain Boosters: Captivating games and puzzles to entertain and perplex!

  • Splash Zone

    Splash Zone: Make a splash with a wave of aqua fun!

What's on this Summer?

  • Week 1 - Explore the Elements

    During the first week of the summer holidays, children will 'Explore the Elements' of wind, fire, water, and earth through a range of exciting activities, such as creating sequin fish art, making a tornado in a bottle and more. As an extra, we will host a special event which delves into the world of gardening! Please note this costs an additional £3 when placing your booking.

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  • Week 2 - Island Adventure

    Join us for our "Island Adventure" during the second week of the summer holidays where we will set the scene of a tropical paradise. Along with some well-deserved relaxation, children will have the opportunity to build sand art, create shell photo frames, participate in beach sports such as volleyball and mini-golf, and so much more! Children will also take part our Teddy Mountain special event day; please note that this costs an additional £8.

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  • Week 3 - Rodeo Round Up

    Our third week adventure takes us to the Wild West with our "Rodeo Round Up." Our young adventurers will enjoy fun games and cowboy crafts while embracing the spirit of the Old West. Children can also take part in the ultimate showdown at our Nerf Party special event! Please note that this costs an additional £8.

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  • Week 4 - Intergalactic Adventures

    For the week four, we have planned an exciting "Intergalactic Adventures" theme for our adventurers, where they will explore the outer space. This week's activities will include creating starry night art, making galaxy slime, playing asteroid dodgeball, and grooving at our silent disco special event with karaoke (please note that this special event costs an additional £8). Join us for an out-of-this-world experience!

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  • Week 5 - Wildlife Safari

    Don't miss out on week five's "Wildlife Safari" where our clubs will receive a special visit from our furry and scaly friends at ZooLab! In addition to this fantastic special event (please note, this costs an additional £8), children will get to make animal masks, learn origami, and participate in other fun activities.

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  • Week 6 - Summer Fiesta

    Join us for the final week of our summer festivities, where we'll be hosting a "Summer Fiesta" to ensure a memorable conclusion to the season's celebrations. This week will feature traditional party games such as musical chairs, an end-of-summer party, and lots of team-based games!

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*Summer Special Events

Pot Gang - 25th July 2024

Taking place at all Summer holiday club venues on 25th July, join us for a green-fingered adventure with Pot Gang! Children will delve into the world of gardening as they participate in a hands-on planting activity. They'll plant seeds in their very own pot and take it home to nurture, watching their vegetables or herbs sprout and grow. It's a fantastic opportunity to connect with and learn about nature. Please note there will be a small fee of £3 for this enriching experience. Find out more information via their website by clicking the button below.

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Teddy Mountain - 2nd August 2024

Taking place at all Summer holiday club venues on 2nd August, embark on a heartwarming adventure with Teddy Mountain! Children have the opportunity to create their very own cuddly companion. With Teddy Mountain, they'll cherish the experience of bringing a soft, lovable friend to life. Don't miss out on this special opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. Please note, there will be an additional fee of £8 for this experience. Find out more information via their website by clicking the button below.

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Nerf Party - Varied Dates

Get ready for some fun this summer at our Nerf Party! Children are in for a wild ride as they dive into foam dart battles and navigate thrilling obstacles. Please check your venue for details on when this special event will take place, and heads up, there's an experience fee of £8 on the day for this extraordinary experience.

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Silent Disco & Karaoke - Varied Dates

Taking place on either the 12th or 15th August (please check your venue for specific details), turn up the fun factor this summer with our Silent Disco and Karaoke extravaganza! Children will groove to the beat, dancing and singing along to their favourite tunes. But here's the twist – it's all silent to the outside world! With a wide selection of songs and karaoke options, children can unleash their inner pop stars and boogie to their heart's content. It's a unique party experience that's sure to be a hit with everyone. Grab your headphones and get ready to dance like nobody's watching! Please note there will be a fee of £8 for this event.

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ZooLab - Varied Dates

This summer, we are excited to announce that Zoolab will be joining our holiday clubs. ZooLab offers an interactive animal experience for children, where they can learn about and interact with amazing creatures. Please check your venue for details on when this special event will take place, and heads up, there's an experience fee of £8 on the day for this extraordinary experience.

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The JAG Games!

Our inter-club competition is running on Fridays over the Summer holidays! Children can expect themed seasonal activities as they battle to become JAG Games Champions! Who will come on top and be crowned The JAG Games champions? Don't miss out - book your spot today and let the games begin!

New to JAG?

Our passionate team of DBS-checked, professionally trained staff are ready to welcome your child and immerse them in our exciting world of fun new opportunities. But it’s hugely important that you also feel supported by us from the word go, so we’ve collated a wealth of information to help you get started, from making your first booking to everything you can expect on your first day at one of our clubs.

Looking for more information about our clubs?

  • You can find your nearest JAG holiday club on our Find Us page or by placing your postcode or venue name in the search bar. Once you've found your preferred club, additional details regarding times, pricing, and other relevant information can be found on the venue page for that club.

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