Our Whole of Child Promise

Our mission at JAG is to build brighter futures for children, and we’re committed to helping each and every child achieve their potential and become a great, well-rounded individual. This is our Whole of Child promise.

Building brighter futures together

Every decision we make is made in collaboration with the children we care for. Every programme and experience we design is shaped around them and includes a role for every child – one that puts their individual needs, talents and abilities first in a way that nurtures and develops the whole of the child.

Our diverse range of fun activities are underpinned by our Whole of Child pillars: developing creativity & learning, facilitating inclusion & participation, and promoting wellbeing & happiness. There’s something for every child, and every facet of each child is nurtured and encouraged. We help them develop the social, emotional and interpersonal skills they will need in a world yet to be imagined. 

What does this mean for children?

Leveraging our Whole of Child approach, we design all our activity programmes to prepare children for the future, nurturing vital life skills in each and every one of them in a way that taps in to their unique skills and interests. But just as importantly, we know our activities have to engage children right here, right now. And that’s why children love JAG – because it’s always brilliant fun, with so many different things to do and friends to make across age groups, all under the expert care and guidance of our amazing teams.

JAG time is children’s favourite time!

Our multi-activity programming ensures no day is ever the same, with activities split across seven exciting categories. Our categories ensure that JAG time is always children’s favourite time. Click below to find out more!

Theory into practice

Pillar 1:Creativity & Learning

By firing children’s curiosity, creativity and imagination, we prepare them to reach their potential in a world yet to be imagined. 

Preparing children to reach their potential in a world yet to be imagined


Through guided discovery, we encourage children to develop critical thinking, new interests and perspectives, with our safe and nurturing environment giving them the confidence to explore and find a range of roles in each activity.


Encouraging children to think outside the box, we promote original thinking and inspire them to unlock their innate abilities to make or create something new, whether that’s designing the ultimate paper plane or tackling challenges.


Through creative resources and imaginative play, we help children unleash their imagination and explore new possibilities, firing their passion and helping them express themselves in new and exciting ways.

Pillar 2:Inclusion & Participation

By developing respect, socialisation and empathy, children are supported in making connections between their world and the world of others.

Supporting Children in making connections between their world and the worlds of others


We celebrate differences and individuality, exploring a range of cultures and developing every child’s unique talents to develop tolerance, thoughtfulness and an appreciation for other people, communities and the world we live in.


We encourage children to socialise with others, building a sense of belonging and connection among their peers and helping them develop the confidence to communicate and express themselves.


By playing and working in teams, sharing experiences, successes, challenges and achievements, we promote kindness, sharing and understanding and encourage each child to find a role in every activity.

Pillar 3:Wellbeing & Happiness

By developing children’s physical, emotional and personal skills, we promote a sense of personal wellbeing and optimism in each child.

Promoting children’s sense of personal wellbeing and optimism


No matter their age or ability, our active experiences allow children to feel safe in challenging themselves physically, improving and refining their co-ordination, control and motivation, and creating healthy habits for life.


By educating children in the benefits of physical activity and play for health and mood – and by helping them experience this for themselves – they are inspired to make active choices throughout their lives.


Our inclusive, supportive environment encourages children to try new things, even if at first they fail. Persistence and practice builds courage and resilience, and children ultimately enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with learning a new skill.

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