Top Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Here at Junior Adventures Group UK – we understand that in order to create an environment for our families and children to flourish, it is essential that our people have the opportunity to thrive and excel in their roles.

That’s why as we recognise #NationalStressAwarenessDay – we continue to encourage and support our fantastic colleagues to carry out activities to enhance their wellbeing and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Here are some handy tips from us to our team:

  • Remember to plan things that give you joy - this may mean plotting time out for birthdays, events, etc...

  • Prioritising time for exercise – whether it’s getting your steps up or taking on a HIIT session, make time to embrace the fresh air and release those endorphins through regular exercise

  • Work on the move & change your environment – whether it’s walk-and-talk meetings or catching up with colleagues over coffee – try to change up your schedule once in a while

  • Make your workspace work for you – whether it’s through fun visuals and resources at our clubs or a comfortable chair for our office workers – we want our colleagues to feel comfortable within your workspace

  • Take your break and holiday – Building brighter futures for children is rewarding but energetic work, so make sure you take breaks and holidays to revitalise and re-energise before getting back into the thick of the action

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