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Explore our tailored services, witness our support and advocacy for the sector, and discover how we actively support local authorities, embarking on a journey of innovation to be a catalyst for positive change.

Exciting Times are Ahead for Primary-Aged Children with JAG!

Who are JAG?

Junior Adventures Group UK (JAG) is the leading provider of before and after-school activity clubs and holiday programmes in the UK. With over 30 years of experience and a global footprint, we've earned the trust of schools, families, and communities by delivering exceptional experiences for children.

At JAG, we're not just about childcare; we're about building brighter futures for primary-aged children. The upcoming £289 million funding release from the Department of Education in 2024 presents an exciting opportunity for positive change to increase the accessibility and affordability of wraparound childcare; we are committed to helping in this transformative journey.

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Partner With Us!

Did you know we work in partnership with various Local Authorities across the country, delivering successful wraparound services? Our services range from before and after-school clubs to holiday programmes and PE delivery. We pride ourselves on being more than a service provider; we're here to help schools grow, respond to demand, and create safe, supportive learning environments that children love. Our goal is simple— we’d love the opportunity to collaborate with you to create an environment where children thrive. Together, let's elevate care standards, respond to demand, and build brighter futures for the next generation.

JAG's School Services

  • Rise then Shine Breakfast Clubs

    Our morning programmes are called ‘Rise Then Shine’, the perfect start to your child’s school day! We set the tone for a great day at school through an array of energising activities and some delicious and nutritious food. From delightful breakfast moments, to calming morning meditations, we ensure they step into school ready to embrace the day!

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  • Stay and Play After School & Extracurricular Clubs

    The fun continues after school at our ‘Stay and Play’ afternoon programmes. Children can dive into more fun activities, building lasting friendships and creating memories beyond the classroom, all before heading home for quality family time. We also offer bespoke extracurricular clubs with specialised services including football, multi-sports, dance and more.

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  • Holiday Clubs

    Running every school holiday at 70+ venues across the UK, JAG holiday clubs are specially created to help children learn new skills and make new friends. Offering themed weeks as well as a wide range of fun and exciting activities, our jam-packed clubs ensure children have a holiday period to remember!

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  • Active Playgrounds

    Active playgrounds are designed to engage and stimulate children, introducing them to new and exciting games through active opportunities in playtimes throughout the school day. Our active services also include training and mentoring for your current teachers and/or PPA cover.

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  • PE Lessons

    JAG’s expert-led, inclusive, engaging PE and Sport curriculum service supports schools with all of their PE needs, as well as fitting seamlessly around the rest of the school schedule.

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Why Work in Partnership with JAG?

Market-leading expertise

Ofsted-registered, with over 30 years of sector experience, JAG is trusted by schools, families and communities.


Ultimate flexibility

We know every one of our partners is different, so we develop bespoke packages around their needs and those of your children.

Zero hassle

We deliver all the services schools and leisure need, in and out of school hours, bringing our own resources, managing all bookings with our friendly customer experience team and ensuring a smooth transition for school partners and their families.

Activities and Services - Parent Support

Safer Recruitment

Supported by our recruitment partners who specialise in recruiting in the education sector, we are able to attract the highest calibre of candidates to maintain the highest quality standards of delivery.

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Easy & efficient systems

From an easy-to-use online booking system for families to human resources software, which includes access to dozens of online training courses – JAG UK has access to a number of systems which also support – information and data management systems, intuitive website and marketing and much more.

Market Leading Enrichment Programmes

JAG UK Adventure Programme - Endorsed by industry leaders – our wraparound care adventure programme, endorsed by Play England in their upcoming Manifesto 2024, consists of seven fun-filled categories packed with activities, giving children a range of activities to choose from. Backed by research into child development and created in partnership with experts, the Adventure Programme provides children with the opportunity to learn essential life skills and have great fun exploring their interests with over 200 activities to choose from each day.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

At JAG UK, we are committed to ensuring equal access to high-quality childcare services for all children, including those with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND). Our unwavering dedication drives us to work tirelessly alongside parents/guardians and school partners to create an inclusive environment where every child feels valued and supported, regardless of their individual circumstances. We understand the unique challenges faced by SEND children with and are passionate about making a meaningful difference in their lives, fostering collaborative partnerships to ensure their full participation in all activities, including physical activities, within our facilities.

JAG’s commitment includes...

  • Tick

    Fully Qualified internal SENCO working alongside Safeguarding Partners

  • Tick

    Effective trial sessions process to help children, including parent/school/child strategy support sessions

  • Tick

    Inclusive Policies and Processes to support families with setting support plans and review sessions

  • Tick

    SEND Training for team members

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    SEND Champions across regions

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    Access to Buddy (1:1 or group support) with ‘Buddy agreement’ for families

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    Collaboration with Local Authorities regarding local offers, often linking with ‘short breaks’ commissioning to provide support for families

Our campaigns and advocacy

Our commitment goes beyond our services. JAG has actively supported childcare reform campaigns, advocating for increased funding, elevated quality standards, and greater accessibility and sustainability for the wraparound care. We've collaborated with experts and the sector to draft the 'Every Child Every Opportunity' white paper, engaged with the policymakers on funding guidance, and even hosted visits from notable MPs at our clubs. We also have recently been mentioned in the House of Commons when debating future actions to support the wraparound and SEND sector.

So, How Can JAG Really Help You?

Sufficiency Data & Insights

Our team is ready to share sufficiency data and insights, offering in-depth analyses of attendance trends, flexibility preferences, and expected turnouts based on factors like school roll, Free School Meals (FSM), and identified needs. By leveraging this data, local authorities can make informed decisions and ensure that our clubs align seamlessly with the diverse needs of the community.

Mapping & Demand Profiling

Additionally, we can provide mapping and demand profiling for establishing future clubs. Drawing on our extensive experience with on-site visits, surveys, and collaborations with Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs), we offer comprehensive information on new provision and demand dynamics. This includes attendance projections based on our successful track record, enabling local authorities to strategically plan and implement new programs that meet the community's evolving needs.


Launching New Settings

Our best-in-class practice is supported by an operational structure that facilitates fast delivery of high-quality wraparound care nationwide. Currently operating at 180 venues and braced for further growth in 2024 – JAG UK continues to be a provider of choice for schools and partners.

Partner With Us

Our goal is simple— we’d love the opportunity to collaborate with you to create an environment where children thrive. Together, let's elevate care standards, respond to demand, and build brighter futures for the next generation. Please don’t hesitate to contact by using the form below or emailing us!

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