A Guide to Our Payment Options

We understand that securing your child's place in our enriching programs involves thoughtful considerations, and we are committed to making the process as seamless as possible. That's why we have compiled a set of top tips that will guide you through various payment options:

Childcare Vouchers

If paying via Childcare vouchers, you can easily locate the necessary code by clicking here to link your voucher account with JAG. Please note that the options labelled 'Energy Kidz' or 'Fit For Sport' on your voucher account are still valid, as they reflect our previous company names, and payments can still be processed. After completing these steps, please allow up to 7 working days for the payment to be reflected in your JAG account. To avoid any overdue balance, we recommend sending your childcare voucher at least 5 working days before the payment due date.

Late Bookings

The term 'Late Booking' is for bookings made between 2pm - 3pm on the day that you require childcare. Any bookings made prior to this will need to be booked via your account.

Late bookings will have a separate booking reference number starting with ‘PS' and will appear separately in your account. For this reason, they will need to be paid separately via your regular payment method.

Universal Credit

If you're looking to claim Universal Credit, we require an upfront booking and payment on your JAG account. You can obtain a 'tax letter' for proof of payment by emailing our Customer Experience Team at hello@junioradventuresgroup.co.uk.

Upon receiving the tax letter, promptly upload it to your Universal Credit journal. If eligible for reimbursement, the Universal Credit team will process the claim accordingly.

Student Finance

For students, we encourage you to explore the possibility of Student Finance by contacting your college/university or reaching out to CCG via email at info@ccgpay.co.uk or a call to 08004880961.

Once eligibility is confirmed, please inform our customer experience team at hello@junioradventuresgroup.co.uk.

We understand that navigating payment options can be overwhelming, but please know that we're here to make it stress-free for you. By following these top tips, you can confidently manage your payments, be it through childcare vouchers, late bookings, Universal Credit Claims, or Student Finance. At JAG, we are committed to transparency and efficiency, so you can focus on enjoying exciting adventures with your child. For further details and assistance, please click the button below. We look forward to continuing to provide enriching experiences for your child, and we appreciate your trust in us!

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