Firework Safety and At-Home Ideas

As the night sky prepares to dazzle with bursts of colour and light, attending fireworks events with your children can be an enchanting experience. To ensure a magical and safe evening, we will provide essential tips on how to watch fireworks safely, keep your little ones secure, and even suggest exciting activities to enjoy at home. Let's make this fireworks season a celebration to remember!

Tips for Watching Fireworks Safely

  • Choose the Right Event: Opt for organised, official fireworks displays that adhere to safety regulations. Local councils, community centres, and reputable venues often host these events. Avoid makeshift displays or using fireworks at home to ensure a secure environment. 

  • Maintain a Safe Distance: Find a designated viewing area where you and your children can enjoy the spectacle from a safe distance. Follow any guidelines or barriers set by event organisers to ensure everyone's safety. 

  • Protect Little Ears: Fireworks can be loud, so consider bringing ear protection for your little people. Noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs designed for children can help dampen the loud bursts and protect their sensitive ears. 

  • Dress Appropriately: Bundle up your little ones in warm clothing, ensuring they are comfortable throughout the evening. Hats and gloves can be essential, especially during chilly November nights. 

  • Lost Child: In case of accidental separation, ensure your child has some form of identification, such as a wristband or a card with your contact details. Teach them to approach event staff or other parents if they get lost. Establish a meeting point when you enter in case you and your child get separated in the crowd. Take a photo of what your child is wearing before and after you put their coat on, and take note of their shoes/wellies. If you become separated from your child and they are not at the meeting point, and you begin to panic, instead of shouting out your child’s name, shout out a description of what they are wearing and their age, for example: two year old wearing a black coat with brown fur, grey trousers and dinosaur trainers. Giving this description helps other people at the event look for your child, too. 

 At-Home Activities to try 

  • DIY Firework Art: Engage your children in a creative project by making their own firework art. Use materials like paint, glitter, and cardboard to craft vibrant explosions of colour. Cut snips into the bottom of a toilet/kitchen roll tube, fold all of the bits out and then press into paint and onto paper to make a firework print. 

  • Indoor Picnic and Storytelling: Create a cosy indoor picnic with your favourite snacks and blankets. Share stories about past fireworks experiences or read books that feature fireworks to build excitement.

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Dance Party: Transform your living room into a dance floor with glow sticks, fairy lights, and upbeat music. Let your children dance and celebrate.

  • Firework Treats: Get in the festive spirit by making firework-themed treats together. Cupcakes with colourful frosting or edible sparklers using breadsticks dipped in melted chocolate with added sprinkles.

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