How our Holiday Clubs can Enrich Your Child’s Development

Let your child discover the enriching benefits of play, sport & activity in a Junior Adventures Group (JAG) holiday club! Play isn’t all fun and games; it’s also an essential learning tool for children!

At JAG, our activity experts are ready for an unforgettable school holiday full of play and activity that offers an enriching experience for children. Through Play and activity, your child can learn how to interact with others and reach key developmental milestones. Our engaging activity programme will provide your child with the knowledge, skills, behaviours, and dispositions to assist them in navigating a complex and ever-changing world. Take a look below at some of the in-depth benefits of play, sport and activity that can allow your child to thrive!

Physical benefits

Active play helps kids with coordination, balance, motor skills, and spending their natural energy – encouraging healthy habits that your child can carry through to adulthood.


There’s no I in team! Working together and communicating effectively is vital for children to exchange thoughts, information, and messages. Activity and sport provide children with important lessons in learning how to work in a team, enabling them to strategise, identify and appreciate the skills and strengths of others to get the best out of each other.

Emotional benefits

During play, children learn to cope with emotions like fear, frustration, anger and aggression. Plus, by giving children a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, it can help build kids’ confidence and self-perception.

Developing Self-Esteem

Friendly interactions such as a high-five from a friend or teammate, a well-rehearsed celebration, or helping friends contribute to building confidence. Words of praise or encouragement from our passionate Playworkers are also vital contributors toward growing self-esteem. There is no doubt these positive words will be heard in all our camps this Summer, supporting children to learn to trust their abilities and push themselves in their pursuits. 

Social Skills

Key life skills such as teamwork and cooperation with others are all key contributors to success throughout our camps. With a busy activity programme at all of our clubs catering to numerous interests and abilities – children will learn to interact with others from different ages, cultures, skills, and abilities to bring out the best in themselves and their campmates. 

Cognitive benefits

Children learn to think, read, remember, reason and pay attention through play. Problem-solving, puzzles and strategy-based games help reinforce critical thinking skills.

Creative benefits

By allowing imaginations to run wild during play, children create new worlds, form unique ideas and much more! Whether it’s a made-up game or a creative arts & crafts activity, play provides children with the freedom to explore new possibilities and think outside the box.


Through sport and activity, your child can learn how to accept and cope with setbacks rather than feeling completely defeated. Our encouraging activity experts will help children develop and enhance their resilience. From the smallest success of catching the ball for the first time to dribbling past five players like Cristiano Ronaldo – each success is relative to the individual child, and our enthusiastic teams will help children celebrate the result of a child’s determination and resilience in their active learning journey.

Take a look at what to expect at a JAG holiday club by watching our video below!

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