Our Whole of Child Promise

Did you know, at JAG, everything we do, every decision we make and all of our programming is underpinned by our Whole of Child promise?

Whole of Child is a commitment to our families, communities and team to remain focused on what is important to us: the children who are entrusted into our care every single day. This commitment supports our mission, demonstrates our values, underpins our strategy and guides our practice as the UK's leading provider of before, during, after school and holiday activity clubs.

Through this approach, we are able to extend learning from the classroom into our provisions by supporting children emotionally, physically and creatively. Considering the whole child in everything we do is our part in building the next generation of emotionally savvy global champions. 

Our Whole of Child philosophy ensures that each individual service creates a programme that directly reflects the interests and skill levels of the children that attend. This guarantees that we are not only making decisions and providing activities that can best support every child’s individual development, but we are providing a program that is enriching and engaging – that every child that attends can enjoy!  This is what separates us from other childcare providers. We are tailoring the experience by listening to our children because they are the true deciding factor of our programmes!  

We encourage children to  have a strong sense of identity and wellbeing, be confident and involved learners and effective communicators, and take risks - all through play and activity! Our programmes, although educational, are fundamentally FUN – so our little humans have no idea that they’re learning essential life skills that will guide them into becoming incredible, well-rounded adults ready to enter society.

We provide children with the freedom to explore and discover in their own time and in their own way, free from adult agendas. We want them to get dirty, get messy, get active and have fun! 

Find out more about our Whole of Child promise and the theory behind it here - https://www.junioradventuresgroup.co.uk/our-story/whole-of-child/

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