Three ways to teach your children about diversity

Primary School is such a pivotal moment in a child’s development and being raised in a highly diverse country, it’s important to start educating children on equality, inclusivity and diversity. We’ve come up with a few easy and fun ways you can teach your child about diversity:

  1. Keep the definition simple

    Diversity is the difference between two or more things. It’s important to explain that we should recognise and respect diversity in all things so we can purposefully eliminate negative and hurtful stereotypes. This is particularly important because your child’s social development is progressing rapidly during their time at primary school, and we want them to interact with respect and understanding. This creates a strong foundation and sets them up for a successful life of building relationships with others.

  2. Embrace another culture through craft
    There are plenty of simple craft activities that can be done at home, such as Origami (Japan), Aboriginal Art (Australia), Pattern Paper-Cutting (China), Dreamcatchers (Native American), Pinatas (Mexico), and so many more.

    Creating artwork from other cultures opens the conversation with your child about where it originated from, gives them the opportunity to learn more and allows them to build respect towards diversity.

  3. Try new foods and flavours from all over the world!
    Whether you choose to attempt making a recipe from another culture or go out to a restaurant with new flavours, there’s nothing more fun than filling our tummies with delicious foods!

    There are many benefits from trying foods from different cultures beyond building respect towards diversity. It gives your child the opportunity to discover what they like, and it also teaches them that it’s perfectly OK to try new things and not to be afraid of what they don’t know.

    Venture out, or eat in, and get tasting!

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