Welcome to JAG!

Welcome to JAG!

We are excited to have launched our Junior Adventures Group (JAG) clubs in 160+ locations across the UK and can’t wait for your children to start their adventure with us!

Our Story

Our journey to become JAG has been an exciting one. We arrived in the UK from Australia in 2019, bringing with us our exceptional, globally-developed educational frameworks. JAG UK was then created in February of that year and immediately built on these strong foundations by acquiring two of the UK’s leading out-of-school club providers – Fit For Sport and Energy Kidz, which had over 30 years of collective experience together.

Building Brighter Futures through the pandemic

During this time, our brands continued to build strong foundations in delivering high-quality out-of-school services and were able to support thousands of families and partners through COVID-19.

Our expertise from the brands’ rich history (including all our brands from across the globe), our dedicated team members and our mission of building brighter futures together enabled us to continue to support and welcome children of NHS and key worker families to our clubs and help aid their development. At Junior Adventures Group, we have always had a passion for keeping children moving and socialising, and with that, we were also able to support more children from home with our free at-home resource packs.

As the UK started to navigate it’s way through COVID-19 and enter back to its ‘new normal’, we were proud to be able to reopen our holiday clubs and work with several partners to be able to offer our families amazing experiences and leave children, up and down the country, with unforgettable memories – all of which they had been missing out on!

Industry leading voice

Since the arrival of JAG in the UK, we have also been a large voice for leading positive changes within the childcare sector. Whether it’s lobbying for further funding for families to tackle childcare affordability, raising awareness of government schemes such as Tax-Free Childcare and Universal Credit, or supporting child activity studies, we have been working alongside the Department for Education to make a positive difference. The Energy Kidz and Fit For Sport brands played a vital part in this as we have been able to demonstrate how our clubs work and have also had the opportunity to share the voices of our families, school partners and most importantly, the children within our care. This is something that, as JAG, we will continue to drive and make an impact on.

Consolidation for Energy Kidz & Fit For Sport to create JAG!

With all that was great, we strive to be even better, and with our rebrand that took place on 20th February 2023 comes even better activities, experiences and clubs for your children.

What makes us different

Did you know that our Whole of Child promise underpins everything we do? Every decision we make is designed and shaped around the children we care for to ensure there is a role for every child – one that puts their individual needs, talents and abilities first in a way that nurtures and develops the whole of the child. To read more about our Whole of Child approach, please click here.

To ensure that we continue to develop children and make a positive difference in their lives, we have been working hard to ensure that the same familiar faces lead our services in the same locations but with an even greater choice of great activities and experiences – including swimming available at several of our newly available locations! We have developed our multi-activity programming to ensure no day is ever the same, with activities split across seven new & exciting categories: Creative Inventors, Global Kids, Super Sports, Power Teams, Zen Masters, Brain Boosters & Splash Zone. Whether moving their feet, gardening, painting or on a scavenger hunt, we are committed to ensuring JAG time is always children’s favourite time.

Check out our activities here!

We are excited for the journey that’s ahead and can’t wait to welcome you on this new adventure…

If you’d like to book a club today, please go to bookings.junioradventuresgroup.co.uk, or to find your local venue, please click here.

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