Holiday Activities and Food Fund (HAF)

Making the Holidays Brighter with Junior Adventures Group

The school holidays can be a challenging time for many families, especially those facing financial constraints or whose children rely on free school meals during term time. These extra pressures often mean that children miss out on engaging in activities and can experience isolation and unhealthy habits.

Here at Junior Adventures Group, we're proud to join hands with several local authorities to host the Holiday Activities and Food Fund (HAF) programme. Discover which of our venues will be hosting the HAF program this upcoming holiday by clicking here.

HAF is the government's response to these concerns, offering support to Local Authorities and childcare providers like us to enable families in need to enrol their children in out-of-school activities. Launched in April 2021, this initiative has already proven to have a positive impact on children and young people.

The HAF program caters to school-aged children from Reception to Year 11 who receive free school meals.

Check your eligibility now by clicking here.

Local Authorities also hold 15% flexible funding to extend free or subsidised holiday club spots to children not receiving benefit-related free school meals but who they believe would benefit from the HAF program. This includes:

  • Children identified by the local authority as in need, at risk, or vulnerable

  • Young carers

  • Looked-after children or those previously looked after

  • Children with an EHC (education, health, and care) plan

  • Children with low school attendance or at risk of exclusion

  • Children from areas of high deprivation or low-income households not receiving free school meals

  • Children transitioning between nursery and primary or primary and secondary school

Ultimately, the Local Authority determines who could gain from this support.

The HAF funding focuses on these key goals:

  • Ensuring children maintain healthy eating habits during school breaks

  • Keeping children active and engaged throughout the holidays

  • Enabling participation in enriching activities that foster resilience, character, well-being, and educational growth

  • Preventing social isolation and ensuring children's safety

  • Enhancing children's understanding of health and nutrition

HAF support is available during Easter, Summer Holidays, and Winter, providing assistance for six weeks across the academic year.

At Junior Adventures Group, we offer children in our holiday clubs the chance to:

  • Develop new skills

  • Expand their knowledge

  • Strengthen existing abilities

  • Explore new interests

  • Have a blast while making friends

We achieve this through our Whole of Child Philosophy, which is underpinned by our seven programming categories. These areas ensure every child has equal opportunities to learn, discover, thrive, and have fun.

Throughout our holiday clubs, we ensure that all children meet the minimum requirement of 60 minutes of moderate-vigorous exercise per day and have the opportunity to engage in other varying levels of physical activity. This enables them to develop their movement skills, muscular fitness and bone strength.

Our daily activities also instil in children an understanding of healthy eating's crucial role in their daily lives, fostering education and awareness. At Junior Adventures Group, we're committed to making holidays joyful, active, and educational for every child.

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