Why Wraparound Care is a Critical Part of Your Child’s Day

At Junior Adventures Group UK, we take pride in enriching every child's learning experience beyond the standard curriculum through our Whole of Child Philosophy. This philosophy is at the core of our commitment to our families, community, and team, with a focus on the most important aspect – our children. It forms the foundation of all our programming, ensuring children have the best time with us. Moreover, our Whole of Child Philosophy is meticulously crafted in alignment with the Early Years Foundation Framework and the National Curriculum, both vital statutory frameworks in English schools.

Wraparound clubs play a pivotal role in your child's development, offering them a host of valuable skills and experiences. Interacting with peers from their school in a relaxed setting fosters the growth of social skills as they learn to:

  • Interact with children of various ages and show empathy, care, and respect.

  • Boost their confidence and self-esteem.

  • Collaborate and express their ideas effectively.

  • Form meaningful friendships with peers of different ages.

The advantages of children engaging with peers of various ages are abundant. Younger ones receive support and guidance from older children, while older ones learn the art of supporting and scaffolding their younger peers in their learning journey. Scaffolding involves providing support during a child's learning process to ensure they are confident in mastering new skills before moving on to the next stage. Additionally, this interaction helps them develop patience, adaptability, and effective communication with children of diverse ages and abilities.

Through our Whole of Child Philosophy, children:

  • Develop real-world skills that prepare them for a future yet to be imagined, including cooking, problem-solving, and sustainability.

  • Improve their academic performance as they develop skills across all areas.

  • Cultivate a sense of well-being and optimism.

  • Lay strong foundations for their future growth.

  • Develop a positive attitude towards school as they participate in various school-based activities.

  • Enjoy the freedom to learn and progress at their own pace in a familiar environment.

  • Experience relief from the pressures of exams and assessments, finding joy and fulfilment in learning through play.

At Junior Adventures Group UK, we are dedicated to providing every child with memorable experiences, immense enjoyment, and invaluable life skills. Join us on this incredible journey of growth and discovery as we nurture the potential within each child through our Whole of Child Philosophy!

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